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G is for ‘Gratitude’. Define Gratitude…

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Gratitude is love and trust from a feathered friend.


In a slight change to the advertised program, this weeks post is about the amazing, magical, and seemingly life-changing properties of gratitude. (Next week G is definitely for ‘Ghosts’, I know you’re all desperate to find out who my special guest is!)

Gratitude is munching my absolute favourite chocolate in the shape of an egg. Gratitude is the gentleness in the face of a child or animal who loves you. Gratitude is being aware of your breath. Gratitude is choosing to make yourself knowledgable. Gratitude is feeling good about making someone else feel good. Gratitude is accepting a painful lesson. Gratitude is savouring your success. Gratitude is realizing when you have realized a dream. Gratitude is being conscious of the world around you. Gratitude is accepting yourself exactly the way you are. Gratitude is focusing on the good health that you do have. Gratitude is creating positive thoughts. Gratitude is using positive words. Gratitude is inspiration. Gratitude is the force that continues to bring good things towards you. Gratitude is trusting that you are on the right path. Gratitude is loving your partner even when they’ve pissed you off. Gratitude is letting someone else stand in the limelight and celebrating with them – safe in the knowledge that your time is coming around. Gratitude is extracting wisdom from suffering. Gratitude is extracting love from loss. Gratitude is extracting comfort from being alone. Gratitude is taking the time to sort out your re-cycling. Gratitude is a call to action. Gratitude is being, not just grateful, but thankful. Gratitude is taking a little less so that someone else can have a little more. Gratitude is giving a little more and realizing that in giving more you are getting more. Gratitude is experiencing incovenience willingly, to help someone who needs you. Gratitude is a choice. Gratitude is a repetitive choice. Gratitude is a journey, not a destination. Gratitude is a way that you can always make someone feel good about herself. Gratitude is a way that you can always make someone feel good about himself. Gratitude is a way that you can always feel good about yourself. Gratitude is an expression of love. Gratitude is an expression of love in the face of adversity. Gratitude is an expression of trust. Gratitude is your acknowledgement of the value of your life. Gratitude is showing the Universe that you know that you are blessed. Gratitude is giving thanks. Gratitude is giving respect. Gratitude is giving meaning and purpose. Gratitude is giving value. Gratitude is writing it down, saying it out loud, or singing it out. Gratitude is in your heart, quietly. Gratitude is the sister of forgiveness and the child of love. Gratitude is the power to change. Gratitude is the power to stay the same amidst all the change. Gratitude is claiming your place amongst the Universe. Gratitude is understanding the Universe’s place in you.

I am so grateful for you. I am so grateful for your attention, your kindness, your thoughts and your inquisitive mind. I am grateful for your support, your good wishes, your interaction and your admiration. I am so grateful for your disagreement, the challenges you bring, your doubt and your disbelief. I am grateful for the unique and beautiful contribution that you make to this world, and I am grateful for everything I have learned, am learning, and will learn from you.

I love you, thank you for just being you.

What are you grateful for? Share your gratitude in a comment!

Until Next Week: Get a notepad and pen. Sit it next to your bed. Every night, just before sleep, write down everything that you are grateful for, no matter how small. As you write, take a moment to savour the feeling of gratitude and enjoy how good that makes you feel. When you start to notice all the wonderful things that you have in your life, life can only bring you more wonderful things for you to be grateful for.

Next Week: G is for ‘Ghosts’.

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F is for ‘Forgiveness’. 5 Reasons Why Forgiveness is the Best Revenge.

5 Reasons Why Forgiveness is the Best Revenge.

Forgiveness Freedom

So, what is so great about forgiveness? Can we really forgive and forget? Have you experienced the healing power of ‘forgiving yourself’?

Someone wise once told me: ‘Unforgiveness is like punching yourself in the face and expecting someone else to feel the pain.’ That being said, why is it that we often find it so difficult to forgive the past and move on with our lives? The answer, I believe, is because we get caught up in the erroneous idea that forgiving equals excusing, condoning or giving pardon to other people’s past behaviour that has really hurt us. When we have been really hurt by someone’s actions, we become so angry, and feel so betrayed and vulnerable, that we just want revenge. Sweet and slow revenge!!

When you have been badly hurt, forgiveness is the last thing on your mind (it’s ok to admit this, you are human!) – you want the perpetrator to understand the pain that they have caused, and to suffer as you have suffered: ‘An eye for an eye…’ and all that. You are so wounded that you cannot forgive and that unforgiveness is a strong fuel that powers your desire for revenge. You feel entitled to vengeance and dishing out retribution feels to be the only salve for your inflamed sense of hurt. And yet…you do nothing. You are a good person and you do not want to go to jail so you resist the urge to batter the perpetrator’s door down with an axe! You swallow down your anger, your hurt, and your need to administer suffering as you have suffered. Over time you get sick, maybe you get angrier, maybe you can’t form meaningful and loving relationships because you cannot trust that you won’t get hurt again. The unforgiveness becomes your dark and poisonous companion who builds a re-inforced wall between you and your natural resting-state of peace.

But it’s not too late to break down that wall! What if I told you that you can achieve the revenge you seek in a way that really will make you feel better, and for which you won’t go to jail? What if I could assure you that it is forgiveness itself, that is the best revenge for past hurts?

‘But what happened to me was really bad. He treated me like garbage, I was abused, I hate this person, I really don’t think I can forgive them.’ I hear you say. If that is so, then the weapon of forgiveness will be even more powerful for you, if you learn how to use it. Get ready to take back the sense of peace that is rightfully yours! Here are some examples of situations that hurt, and 5 reasons why forgiveness is the best revenge…

1. Forgiveness is the best revenge because there is nothing more infuriating to someone who would deliberately hurt you, than you moving on with your life and being happy.

What happened? : My boyfriend of two years cheated on me. I forgave him and I thought that because I had forgiven him, I should take him back. He cheated on me again. I was devastated and hurt and broke up with him immediately. I now hate him, I hate myself fo being such an idiot, and I don’t know if I’ll be able to forgive again. Forgiveness didn’t work for me.

Take revenge! : Forgive him again. Don’t get confused and think that forgiveness means that you have to take him back- it’s not so. True forgiveness actually has nothing to do with condoning the behaviour of a cheating ex. It’s all about you. The extent to which you are willing to forgive is simply the extent to which you are willing to keep giving your cheating ex control of your suffering.

Forgiveness = Taking Control.

When you forgive, you acknowledge that you have been hurt, and you make the choice that hurt will not continue to define you in the present. Of course, you are entitled to grieve when you have been hurt; let yourself get mad, get it all out of your system, and when you’re done, visualize the offender in your mind and say. ‘I forgive you. I release you. I release myself from your control.’ (Go here for more on positive affirmations.)

2. Forgiveness is the best revenge because you’ll live a longer and healthier life.

What happened? : My mother abandoned me as a child. She left when I was 3 years old and I never saw her again. I have felt bitterness towards her all my life. I have often thought about hurting her the way she hurt me. I don’t think I could ever forgive her.

Take revenge! : For a moment, lets forget that this is about your mother. Let’s forget that forgiveness is about anyone or anything outside of yourself. I want you to think about yourself only. Forgiveness is a process that you can go through to bring peace, contentment and physical wellness to yourself. Being in a constant state of unforgiveness is really bad for your health. The emotions associated with unforgiveness cause chemical, hormonal and immune changes in your body which, over an extended period of time, can make you physically ill. Don’t let the past ruin your present and future health. Forgiveness is as much an important part of your healthcare routine as brushing your teeth and eating well! Forgiveness benefits your health in a similar manner to kindness. For an in-depth look at the science behind the health benefits of forgiveness and kindness, head over to Dr David Hamilton’s website.

3. Forgiveness is the best revenge because when you forgive, you take back your own power.

What happened? : My ex-boss was such a bully. Every day he made embarrassing remarks to me and singled me out from the rest of my colleagues when he felt like taking out his rage on someone. I put up with this for 5 years before being made to feel so miserable that I had to leave a job that I essentially loved. I’ll never forgive him for that.

Take revenge! : When you choose to forgive, this is the best kind of revenge because you re-empower yourself. This empowerment comes from recognizing that you have a choice: You can choose to continue to feel hurt, resentful and angry, or, you can choose to take responsibility for your reaction and work on being a person who forgives, even if it is difficult. Recognizing that you have a choice is truly empowering. Bullying is a terrible thing and it is understandable that you would find it difficult to forgive- but ‘finding it difficult’ to forgive is a whole lot better than having no choice at all. You can always make the choice to forgive and release all the tension and anxiety within you, that is embodied by unforgiveness. When you choose to forgive a bully, you release yourself from the feeling of victimization and you can begin to heal. What could be more empowering than that? Give yourself love and positive acknowledgement when you are able to forgive, it is a big ask.

4. Forgiveness is the best revenge because learning how to forgive protects you from Forgiveness dove monkeyfuture hurts.

What happened? : I got scammed! Someone hacked into my bank account and withdrew all my money 4 days before Christmas. I have 2 kids and if it hadn’t been for the generosity of friends and family, Christmas would have been ruined. These soulless thieves left me broke. The people who did this have never been caught and I’m having difficulty forgiving because there has been no justice.

Take revenge! : Forgiveness is the best revenge here because when you forgive, you make space in your heart for two very important questions. First, did you learn anything from this experience? Second, (and this is a hard one!) Is there anything positive that you can take from this experience? If you can forgive, you will be able to see what can be learned. Forgiving, here, has nothing to do with forgiving bad actions, you are using forgiveness for you. Can you imagine forgiving stealing to the extent that you are able to see something very precious in the experience? Visualize having a conversation with the thieves. In your mind say: ‘I forgive you. I know you act out of fear. I wish you love and I hope that you can overcome the things that make you afraid.’ If you are able to do this, you will discover within yourself, that you can protect yourself from future hurts simply by deciding to be a person who forgives. You can choose to be a person who forgives no matter what, and in doing so, you protect yourself from future hurts which are deepened and extended by unforgiveness. Practice forgiving now and you will be able to cope, forgive, and move on in future. Forgiveness can only make you stronger and less fearful when applied in this way…try it!

5. Forgiveness is the best revenge because it really is the cure for feeling sad, angry, frustrated and hurt.

What happened? : My father passed away several years ago. We weren’t on good terms because he was largely absent from our lives when my brother and I were kids. The times when he was around, he was violent and angry. He never apologized or admitted his mistakes and now that he’s gone, I still can’t forgive him. I don’t believe he was sorry and now I’ll never know.

Take revenge! : Some people who hurt you cannot apologize because they have passed away. Some people who have hurt you will not apologize for various reasons. If forgiveness was dependent on the apologies of others, human beings would have blown the world up already. Think of forgiveness like the antidote to a poison. It doesn’t matter how much someone in the past has tried to poison you with anger, hurt, fear, bad behaviour, selfishness, insensitivity etc., you can choose to administer the antidote at any moment. Let that moment be now.

Until Next Week: Practice forgiveness whenever you can. Start with the person in the mirror. You deserve forgiveness, you are a good person, you don’t need to be so hard on yourself. Look in the mirror, put your hand over your heart and say, ‘I forgive you’.

Saw something particularly horrible in the news? Close your eyes and say ‘I forgive you’. Get familiar with what it means to forgive, what it feels like, and why it’s important.

Have you had any inspirational experiences with forgiveness? Is there something that you have struggled to forgive? Comment below- I’d love to read what you have to share.

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Next Week: G is for ‘Ghosts’. I will be conducting a video interview with a very special guest. We will be discussing many aspects of ghostly phenomena…not to be missed!

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F is for ‘Fate’. What is Fate? (A Twist of Fate.)

What is fate, exactly? What does it mean to experience a twist of fate? Do you believe that you have a fate, a path of destiny that is pre-determined and laid out before you?

…and the big question is….

If fate exists, does that mean that you don’t have free will?

These are not easy questions to answer. Although ‘fate’ is a term that is commonly used in spiritual discourse, it is also a very serious problem for philosophy, psychology and physics:

In philosophy, fate is know as determinism.

In psychology, your fate is choices that you will make based on your social circumstances, which include: the influence of your parents, your religion, social status and education. This is known as your ‘life script’.

In quantum physics, the fate of any particle is inextricably linked to the fate of another particle. This is known as ‘entanglement’. Fate behaves very strangely on the quantum level.(Think Schrodinger’s Cat)

In this post, I will be discussing if fate exists in a way that affects the lives of you and me, and if so, how does it work?

The main problem with fate is that there is definite evidence to suggest that we live in a pre-determined reality (see above, and also just lots of reports of weird synchronistic happenings generally!) yet as we live out or lives, we have the definite distinct impression that we are making choices freely and without any bossy, imaginary force telling us what to do. We seem to exhibit free will: coffee or herbal tea? get up at 7am, or 8am? To move house or not to move house? Call an old friend, or no? Your choices are being made by you, and so your life is shaped by these choices, and these choices alone, right?…Well, maybe.

I cannot offer you a hard and fast scientific formula for the existence of fate, however I have had several interesting experiences that have led me to believe that there are things that I am ‘supposed’ to do whilst alive on this planet, and I call that fate. I often get the sense that I am being led past certain milestones or markers in my life that are not only pre-determined, but are pre-determined towards some purpose. The ‘markers’ are always significant and life changing, they appear to be deliberate and often turn out to be essential to my soul’s development. I get the sense that the frequent synchronicities that I experience serve a function- they conspire with the forces of fate to lead me (by some cosmic invisible soul-map) to people, places, thoughts, actions and lessons that I cannot choose to miss or forget.

I’m sure this all sounds very far-fetched and unscientific, and it is really hard to explain rationally, yet if you have ever experienced a twist of fate or synchronistic intervention, then you’ll know what I mean! It is difficult to shake the feeling that you are being deliberately directed through life, once you have experienced this kind of phenomena. As empirical evidence, I’d like to share with you one of the many synchronistic events that has happened in my life, that has given me the sense that fate is watching over me…very closely.

When I was 23, my mother gave me a book called ‘Looking Back’ by James Arthur Findlay. She told me that J. Arthur Findlay was a man who had very interesting experiences with mediumship and Spirit communication, and had dedicated his life to the study of psychic and mediumistic phenomena. Right away this piqued my interest, being exactly the subject matter I enjoyed reading about. Arthur Findlay was so dedicated to the study and development of psychic and mediumistic abilities that, when he passed away, he left his stately home in Stansted, England, to be converted into a school for psychic studies. This school is now called The Arthur Findlay College for Psychic Studies.

At 23, I was already working as a psychic medium. I found the idea of the college really appealing- I wanted to go to learn from the best psychic and mediumistic teachers, and to build a strong mediumistic relationship with people in Spirit. I asked my mum if we could go, and I chose a week-long course that happened to co-incide with my birthday. My mum (the kind and generous woman that she is!) offered to pay for my visit and tuition at the college as a birthday gift. When our stay at the college was confirmed, I thought I had better learn something about the man whose former home I was going to be living and learning in. So I settled down one day, with the huge tome ‘Looking Back’ that my mum had given me, and I began to read. The book was about Arthur Findlay’s life and was very interesting…I was surprised to read that he hadn’t come from a Spiritual background at all! A third into the book, I turned a page and there was a black and white photo of a church. I stared at it for a long moment…the church seemed so familiar to me. I felt like I knew that church very well. I was so confused. I turned the page and read on, and I couldn’t believe what I read…

I grew up in a small town in Scotland called Beith, which has a population of 6,300 people. I lived there and went to school there my entire childhood. Imagine my shock and surprise when I read, in a caption below the photo of the church, that Arthur Findlay had also lived in Beith for much of his adult life, before moving 400 miles away to Stansted, England. It’s no wonder that the church in the photo looked so familiar…I had walked past that church every day of my childhood! The co-incidence was uncanny. So uncanny that I recognized the experience as not being co-incidence. It was fate. I went to Arthur Findlay College, and on the walls were some of Arthur Findlay’s letters, addressed to and from addresses in Beith. It was surreal. My time at the Arthur Findlay College was amazing. I learned so much that has shaped my understanding of mediumship. I learned so much that I have applied in developing my connection to the Spirit world, and the experiences I had there crystallized the feeling that I’d had for a number of years, that I was supposed to be a medium- that it was my fate. I passed that fate marker, just by being open enough to allow, and follow, the synchonicities that led me to the college. I have come to accept and trust that the same lanterns of fate continue to illuminate my journey through life.

It is because of experiences like this that I do believe that each and every one of us has a fate. But I also believe that we have free will too. So here’s the theory…

Ok, so we live in a deterministic reality. There are pre-determined experiences that you must go through, so that your soul may flourish and extend itself in the most meaningful way possible. Despite this pre-chosen destiny, you still have free will in the following ways:

1. You do not consciously know the fate markers that you have chosen to pass in your life, so you are making free will choices simply because you are unaware at the time of making the choice, that the choice is leading you to your fate.

2. You do not know how/by which path/ in which way you are going to get there. So your destination (your destiny) is pre-determined, but you have many, many free choices to make as to how you’re gonna get there. I call this blend of fate and free will ‘The Matrix of Fate’. Here are some of my possible ‘fates’ and how I may come to experience them, using my own free will.

Fate, free will, determinism, destiny

The colourful dots are some experiences that the force of fate has guided me towards. All roads lead to them or through them, so my experiencing them is inevitable. I make free choices as to how I achieve these fate markers, but achieve them I must- many of my choices lead me round in circles!

Unitl next week: Meditate on the ways in which fear and doubt are so unnecessary because you are safe in the knowledge that you cannot make a mistake about your fate. You can choose the long road to get to the milestone: but you cannot miss the milestone. Allow that knowledge to comfort you and know that you don’t have to try so hard to make your fate happen. Relax: It’s coming! It must.

I’m excited to read your experiences with fate. Do you believe in fate or do you think you make your own destiny? Comments, thoughts and questions are welcomed. If you enjoyed reading this post, please do share it! Thank you!

Next Week: F is for ‘Forgiveness’.

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E is for ‘Ethics’. Cruelty Free Cosmetics. Against Animal Testing.

I love cruelty free cosmetics and I am against animal testing. As of Monday 11th March 2013, the EU is too! There will be no new cosmetic products or ingredients tested on animals anywhere in the EU and there will be no new products sold in the EU that have been tested on animals in other countries. This move has demonstrated the willingness of the European Union to defend the rights of animals, whilst putting pressure on other governments and cosmetics companies to do the same.

Featured products: Barry M Cosmetics, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, The Body Shop and Dr Organics.

Next week: F is for ‘Fate’.

D is for ‘Dreams’. Understanding the Meanings of Dreams.

Have you ever had a dream?

Join me for 'The Meaning of Your Dreams' on Healing Fountain radio on Monday 23rd February at 10pm GMT. I will be interpreting your dreams live on air! Click on this image to listen!

Join me for ‘The Meaning of Your Dreams’ on Healing Fountain radio on Monday 25th February at 10pm GMT. I will be interpreting your dreams live on air! Click on this image to listen!

Have you had a dream that you felt had a deeper significance than just the movements of your crazy imagination?

Have you ever had a dream that came true?

Do you want to better understand the meanings of dreams?

If you answered YES then read on!

When I was a child, I dreamt about things that would later come true (for more on this, see C is for ‘Children’). I dreamt about small things like a street name that I’d never seen, then the next day I would find myself in that very place! I also dreamt about world events and a few days later, my dream would be on the news. At 8 years old, I started to write my dreams down in a dream journal. By the time I was 13, I was studying everything I could get my hands on about dreaming and sleep, and now, 13 years later, I am still amazed about what happens when we sleep, and mystified by what it means to dream. Even with advances in technology and science, ‘the dream’ is still a very mysterious and little understood entity and that’s what I love most about dreaming: there is so much still to learn.

I have thought at length about how best to approach dream phenomena in this blog post. There is so much to be said; so many exciting and surprising elements of dreaming that I want to share with you, but with limited space and time, I have chosen only one angle of dream and sleep phenomena that I hope you will find interesting. The angle that I have chosen is to explore what your dreams represent about you. The insights coded in your dreams give information about your personality, your nature and the way you operate in the world. So I decided to offer to you the top 15 most common dreams with a short interpretation of the meaning of each dream and how it expresses your personality. These ‘dream interpretations’ have been devised from a mixture of Freudian and Jungian theory, intuitive interpretation, and 13 years of empirical evidence, reports and experience, gathered from the many thousands of people who have attended my dream interpretation workshops, seminars, lectures and consultations- all of whom I thank for their input.

What have you been dreaming about lately? Tell us your dreams in the comment box below! Is your dream featured on this list? If so, is the interpretation meaningful to you? Let me know in the box below!

I dream about running away from danger but it feels like I’m running in treacle, or in slow motion.

I dream about shouting for help but my voice won’t come out or I’m being ignored.

I dream about trying to punch or kick but I can’t get any force behind my strikes.

The keyword for this dream type is: Responsibility.

Are you this person?: You choose to be overwhelmed with responsibility. You find it difficult to delegate tasks, you believe something is done right if you do it yourself, you are super-organized and you may experience symptoms of OCD. You tend to value routine and security and you feel that the best way to ensure that is to be responsible for everything in your life. You are great at organizing people and events. If your home, car or closet is a mess then your mind feels like a mess. You can keep many, many plates spinning at once.

…Or this kind of person: You are overwhelmed with responsibility not because you want to be, but because you find it difficult to say no to people. You are a people pleaser. You want to be helpful and you are very caring. You want others to feel loved by you, but your work is never done in trying to achieve that. You do too much. You say yes to working late although you’re tired, you say yes to lending money although you’re a bit short yourself, you say yes to listening to a friend’s complaints although your time is already over-stretched. Sound familiar? *NEWSFLASH!* No one is going to hate you if you say no. You will still be loved, even when you say no, and here’s the real kicker: maybe others will love and respect you more if you say no sometimes!

You may be a mixture of both of these responsible types. Your dream is expressing that your responsibilities are making you stressed out, perhaps consciously; definitely subconsciously! If you have any variation on the ‘lack of control’ dream, you need to look at how you can relieve yourself of some of the unnecessary responsibilities that you have taken on. Alongside this dream, you may also be experiencing disturbed sleep, waking anxities and feelings of stress, or sudden fears and phobias. To be naturally responsible and pro-active in life is a great thing, but not if it’s making you stressed, ill or scared. Lose some responsibilities and lose this disturbing dream type.

Dreaming of your teeth falling out is a sign that you are ambitious and require clear communication for happiness.

Dreaming of your teeth falling out is a sign that you are ambitious and require clear communication for happiness.

I dream about my teeth falling out.

Your Keywords: Communication and Ambition.

If you dream about your teeth falling out, then you are a person who has many ambitions for the future. You like to try new things, and you live with at least half your mind always on a goal. You may sometimes experience doubt or issues with motivation surrounding your ambitions: your dream reminds you not to give up and to give yourself a pep-talk every now and then! You may have struggled with communication: the feeling that others are not communicating with you in a meaningful way, or that you have not been correctly understood when you have made the effort to communicate. You may feel that your parents did not listen to you when you were a child, or you may have noticed that your romantic relationships have consistently featured communication issues. Your dream tells you that you have the potential to achieve great ambitions, and that successful communications will be central in your journey towards success.

I dream about my loved ones who have passed away.

Your Keyword: Visitation

This has been one of the most significant dream experiences in my life. If your dream about a loved one who is no longer with us is positive, loving and comforting, then it is a visitation from that person’s spirit-self. If the dream is upsetting or scary, then it is not a visitation; a spiritual experience can only be facilitated by love, not fear. I could write a book about the amazing connection between dreaming and mediumistic experiences! I have affectionately coined the name ‘dreamiumship’ for such experiences. I wrote an article about ‘Dreamiumship’ for the Psi Review (Issue 5, August 2012) which you can get from the Scottish Society for Psychical Research.

I dream about being pregnant.

Your Keyword: Ideas

If you dream that you are pregnant (male or female!) then it represents that you are gestating an idea. You have a natural gift for self-employment and you are likely to be very happy and successful if you choose to be your own boss. You are a person who is interested in life and you have a curious disposition. You are a natural leader and you may find it difficult to be led by others. This dream means that you have good ideas, be aware to develop them fully and get to planning before you rush to put them into action. That initial ‘mental gestation’ will be the difference between your ideas succeeding and failing. This is a wonderful dream- good luck with your good idea!

Do you dream about flying? You are creative and spiritually aware.

Do you dream about flying? You are creative and spiritually aware.

I dream that I can fly.

Your Keyword: Spirituality

This is a very positive dream. It indicates that you are somehow aware that your ‘self’ is made of composite parts. Whether you think of it as mind/body, physical/ethereal, or earth/spirit. You are a creative person who has a great imagination. In terms of work, you need to be doing a job that fulfills both your material and spiritual needs. It is important to you that you are making a worthwhile contribution to the world. The only warning contained in this dream is: you can sometimes become obsessive or focus very intently on one thing- be careful of developing addictions and repetitive habits in all their forms.

I dream about something terrible happening to a person I love. (Cheating, drowning, going missing etc.)

Your Keyword: Appreciation

The mind is a curious thing. Often, the more we love and appreciate something, the more we dream about something happening to take that thing away. The meaning of this dream is the opposite to its contents. If you dream about some harm coming to a person you love it simply represents how much you love and appreciate them, and nothing more. It is not a premonition that something bad is actually going to happen, nor is the dream cause for alarm. This dream represents that the love between you and the person in your dream is very strong and very real, hence why the threat of losing them is so prominent in your subconscious mind.

I dream about water.

Your Keyword: Emotion

The form that water takes in your dream indicates your emotional state. Is the water in your dream wild, contained, frozen, still, flowing, warm, raining down, choppy, cold, scary, soothing? Meditate on the shape and form of water in your dream, it will tell you about what’s going on with you emotionally, and this knowledge can help inform your actions and guide your choices in life in the way that is best for you.

I dream that someone dies who is actually alive in my waking life.

Your Keyword: (Re)birth

Have you heard the old wives tale that dreaming about a death means a birth? Well, it’s kinda true! If you are dreaming about someone dying who is alive and well, it indicates a pregnancy close by, or your re-birth/the re-birth of a person in your life. Think of the caterpillar that goes into its chrysalis and comes out a beautiful butterfly: similar idea.

I dream about houses that I used to live in.

Your keywords: Parenting, family, foundations

This is quite a complex dream, the meaning of which changes depending on other factors present in the dream. You may be a person who is a natural parent. You take others under your wing and you are great with children. You may have considered fostering or adoption. You connect well with your inner child which allows you to connect with the inner child of others. You may be a person who is still working through past family issues. Perhaps you only had one parent around when you were little, or you’ve found it difficult to forgive the mistakes that your parents made in the past. Whatever it is, your dream is asking you to see the benefit in forgiving and letting it go. Finally, on a more practical level, dreaming about houses asks that you look at the health of your skeleton. Have you been experiencing sore joints? An old break that keeps aching? Could you benefit from more calcium? Take care of your skeleton particularly around the time of having this kind of dream.

I dream that I turn up to work/school naked or with no pants on.

Your Keyword: Judgement

When someone asks me about this dream, it always makes me chuckle! It doesn’t seem that funny at the time though, right? If you dream about turning up naked when you should be clothed, it represents that you have a fear of being judged. You don’t like others to know all your business and you care too much about what people think of you. What matters most is what you think about yourself and your own decisions, and your dream is trying to tell you that you need to let go of your judgements, about people’s judgements, about you. Everyone is too busy trying to not do anything embarrassing in their own life, to notice or care what you’re doing in yours, so the judgement, like the naked dream, is very much in your own mind.

When I fall asleep, I get the sensation that I am falling and I wake up with a start.

Your Keywords: Sixth Sense

When you fall asleep, the sensation of falling is a very powerful way in which your sixth sense expresses itself. When humanity was in its infancy and we lived a life that was much more exposed to danger than we are today, we had to develop a way to protect ourselves from danger. We did not have natural armour, poison, sharp claws or teeth…but we did have the power of our minds. So when our ancient ancestors slept, there was an intuitive aspect of their minds that could sense when danger was nearby, adrenaline would be released in the brain and they would wake up with a start. The sensation of falling is that process occuring in your mind today. Are you a light sleeper? People who sleep lightly tend to experience the sensation of falling most often.

I dream about being in a car, walking, being in an aeroplane or other mode of transport.

Your Keywords: Life Path

If you dream about a mode of transportation, it reflects where you feel you are on your life path at the moment. Is the vehicle moving smoothly? Great! Has the vehicle crashed? Not so good. This represents that you know you need to be more in-tune with your authentic self and more in a place of allowing yourself to fulfil your life the way you really really want to, rather than the way you think you ought to. Cars are your general direction, boats are your emotional direction, aeroplanes are how mentally fulfilled you feel, walking is about the pace of your life path. Meditate on what you really want out of life when you have this dream.

Terrifying isn't it?! Avoid this gremlin of the mind by choosing to not let life stress you out.

Terrifying isn’t it?! Avoid this gremlin of the mind by choosing to not let life stress you out.

I wake up in the middle of the night, sure that there is someone in my room or sitting on me. I am so scared that I can’t move.

Your Keyword: Stress

Many times, rational and sceptical people at my workshops have taken me to one side, wide-eyed and ashen-faced and whispered to me, ‘Can I tell you something? I think there’s a demonic entity or ghost in my room. I’ve seen it several times.’ and I ask them, ‘When you see it, are you so scared that you can’t move?’ and they reply ‘Yes’, and right away I know that they are suffering from sleep paralysis. If you are suffering from sleep paralysis, I really feel for you- it can be terrifying. I know because I’ve experienced it a couple of times. Here’s the good news: You’re not going insane and you do not have a demonic entity in your room. I promise.

Here is what I know about sleep paralysis: you will experience it when you are stressed. When you are stressed out, your consciousness cannot cycle through the different levels of sleep in the proper way, so when one aspect of your mind is deeply asleep, another aspect can jump awake very suddenly. When you are in a very deep level of sleep, your brain releases chemicals which paralyze you and prevent you from acting out your dreams: peeing in the closet, falling down the stairs and roaming the streets in your nightie is not a good idea, so your brain does a good job of protecting you from that. So if you wake up suddenly from this deep cycle of sleep, you are still paralyzed because your mind remains partly in a deep sleep, and here’s where the terror begins! Because your mind is in an unnatural state (literally half asleep and half awake) your mind will try to logically justify why you are paralyzed, so you hallucinate a ‘reason’ why you cannot move: A demon on your chest, a witch, an alien being or other unsavoury character gets the blame for your paralysis, but there is nothing there, just a confused, tired, stressed and sleepy mind. If you are experiencing sleep paralysis, you need to try and get calm at bedtime. There are several steps you can take:

1. Don’t watch anything too stimulating before bed.

2. Make a concerted effort to not think about stressful life situations before bed or in bed.

3. Try to go to bed around the same time every night, and wake up the same time every morning.

4. Creat a positive trigger experience before bed, like taking a bath, drinking some warm milk or meditating, that lets your mind know that it’s sleepy-time.

5. Limit your intake of drugs and alcohol- reduce caffeine throughout the day, aiming for no caffeine after 4pm.

6. Don’t eat later than 2 hours before bed.

7. Resolve issues and arguments before bedtime. (This will make a huge difference)

8. Get into the habit of sleeping on your side and not your back. Sleep paralysis has been linked to the inner ear and can be triggered by sleeping on your back.

9. Get some exercise every day. If you are too pooped to be stressed, that is a good thing!

10. Most importantly, don’t worry! If you are in the throes of sleep paralysis, the worst thing you can do is panic and try to get up because your brain thinks that you are still asleep. Take a few deep breaths and know that it is just stress, close your eyes, and go back to sleep.

I hope that you have enjoyed learning a little about the meaning of the 15 most common dreams! The next time your friend says, ‘I had the craziest dream last night!’ perhaps you will be able to guide them as to its meaning.

Until Next Week: Keep a dream journal. Sit it next to your bed and write down your dream as soon as you wake up. Include the date and how you felt when you woke up. Return to the dream diary at a later time and see if you can gain insight and meaning: you may just discover the wisdom of your subconscious.

Next Week: E is for ‘Evidence’.

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D is for ‘Divination’. How to Divine Meaning from Symbols.

Hello everyone! I’m so happy to see that you’re still with me 7 weeks into my ‘Angels to Zen’ blog. I hope that you are finding it interesting and relevant to your Spiritual journey so far. I appreciate your attention so much, so thank you for 20130215_200914reading! Today I’d like to discuss how to divine meaning from symbols. If you have an interest in spirituality or psychic work, this term will be familiar to you: Divination.

The standard definition of ‘divination’ is: The practice of seeking knowledge of the future or the unknown by supernatural means.

If you have received a psychic reading of any kind which discussed the future, then your reader was practicing divination. If you are a psychic and your interpretations often lead to a message about your querent’s future, then you are ‘divining’ information. Divination has played a significant role in the histories of many cultures. Many belief systems have featured an element of looking into the future to know the outcome of a particular decision or situation. In ancient

These are some of my crystals that I use for divination. I focus my mind on each crystal, allowing its energy to guide me.

These are some of my crystals that I use for divination. I focus my mind on each crystal, allowing its energy to guide me.

Greece, seers and divination masters were extemely sought-after (and very well paid!) In more recent history, though, divination has garnered a bad reputation due to its practice being forbidden and frowned upon in many religions. Divination is also not valued in our contemporary materialist science-based understanding of the world.

The process of divination is based around the interpretation of symbols that appear during the divining process. Many specialist divination tools exist and day-to-day objects are often used as tools for divination too, including: a mirror, pendulum, tarot cards, water, bubbles, ice, tea, coffee, wine (what a horrendous waste!), fire, pages of a book, the palm of your hand, smoke, your dreams, crystals and the I-Ching…to name but a few!

I use divination in most of my psychic readings and intuitive coaching sessions. I have been doing it for so long that I find myself absent-mindedly divining information about the future from the tiny grains in my coffee cup in the morning! When I’m sitting in the bath tub, I notice the ripples created by the dripping tap- they lap and cross over each other, forming into the shape of the letter ‘C’. ‘My sister is going to call,’ I think immediately, since her name begins with C. I look into the flame of the candle burning in my bedroom and as I become more and more transfixed by the light, tiny images begin to appear from somewhere between my mind and the flame, giving me some illuminated insight into events that are on their way to me.

Although divination cannot tell you exactly what is going to happen in the future, since you have your own free will (for more on this, see F is for ‘Fate’), it can give you an indication as to whether the future-state of a given situation is positive or negative, likely or unlikely, expected or unexpected etc. It may sound far-fetched to think that we can know stuff about something that hasn’t happened yet, but get this…there are a group of quantum physicists (really smart men and women who look at the tiniest

I use this cup and 'Awesome Assam' tea for divination purposes. More on this in an upcoming post! With thanks to Eteaket, Edinburgh.

I use this cup and ‘Awesome Assam’ tea for divination purposes. More on this in an upcoming post! With thanks to Eteaket, Edinburgh.

building blocks that make up our existence) who are researching the possibility that the past and the future are EQUALLY responsible for what happens in the present! So the present moment is like a see-saw; the influence of both what has been done and what will be done is essential in bringing the present moment into balance, and into being. If that is the case, then it is entirely possible (and I admit that I’m conjecturing here!) that the human mind, with the help of meaningful symbolism, could sense the quantum information in the fabric of the future that is constantly pulling us towards it…suddenly, the reality of the power of divination looks a bit more likely!

Is the future the force that pulls your pendulum back and forth? Are the realities of tomorrow somehow able to symbolize themselves in images in your consciousness in a way that you can meaningfully understand and interpret today?…I’ll leave that for you to discover and decide.

Until next week: Choose an item that you can use to practice divination. Sit somewhere quietly where you will be undisturbed with your item. Take a few deep breaths and let your mind relax, allowing your gaze to remain fluid and in ‘the middle distance’ whilst looking at your item of divination. Ask a question in your mind and spend a few moments just breathing and gazing, relaxing more into a meditative state. Notice if any images, feelings or impressions come to you about the future outcome of your question. Write your impressions down on a piece of paper and keep it safe until the event comes to pass…was the message you divined correct?

Comment in the box below! Share your experiences with divination, future information that you preceived correctly and

Ask a question in your mind and open a book at any page. Did you divine the answer from the words on the page?

Ask a question in your mind and open a book at any page. Did you divine the answer from the words on the page?

which divination tools you use!

Next Week: D is for ‘Dreams’ (brace yourself…dreams are my speciality!)

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C is for ‘Cards’. Angel Card Reading. (I Love Tarot Reading Also!)

If you are interested in developing your psychic and intuitive abilities, reading cards is an effective way to do that. Angel Card readings are comforting and uplifting, and I love reading tarot if I want to get to the crux of a matter! When you get proficient at reading cards, you can conduct beautiful, life affirming and accurate readings for yourself, your friends, family and clients!

I began reading cards at the age of 14. The first person I read for was my grandmother. I sat her down one day, when I

Me and my Tarot of Dreams.

Me and my Tarot of Dreams.

was off sick from school with tonsilitis. I turned over the beautiful cards and started easily and quickly yapping away and reeling off everything that the angels were saying to her through the cards, as if I were reading the words from the pages of a book.

‘Oh that’s very nice dear.’ She said in response. Little did we both know, that 12 years later, I would be reading cards as part of my career, having conducted over 20,000 readings all over the UK and beyond!

I am very fortunate to have been born with a God-given wild imagination and that is very helpful when reading cards! Because of this, I picked up the knack for card reading quite quickly. I found that once I got the technique right for one deck, I could apply the same method to give loving readings from any deck. If you are interested in learning to read cards, or you are a card reader already, here are some tips from the method that I use to get to know a new deck of cards. Please share your card reading tips in the comment box below, I’d be delighted to read them!

You can read angel/oracle/playing/tarot cards etc. in two ways. First, through the designated meanings of the cards. Many card decks come with their own booklet that tells you the meanings of each card and suggests different layouts that you can use to interpret the cards. In the case of tarot, there are library-loads of books that advise on how best to read the cards. The second way to read the cards is by using your intuition and allowing the cards to speak to you without the aid of pre-determined meanings. Most readers knowingly or unknowingly, use a combination of both standard interpretation and intuition. In my opinion reading with a combination of standard interpretation and intuition is the best way and here’s why: Cards, particularly the tarot, have gathered meaning over many many years and the more that meaning is affirmed and re-affirmed in consciousness, the more the meaning becomes energetically ingrained in the cards. Think of it like a natural patina that becomes a part of an antique object over time. Taking the time to study and understand the standard meanings of the cards is useful and will usually steer your interpretations in the right direction because of their energetic patina. However, there will always be anomalies in interpreting the cards in a standard way because your energy as the reader, and the energy of your client/querent will colour and inform the reading, and this is where your intuition comes in.

Here are some tips for improving your intuitive connection to your cards:

1. Sleep with a different card from your deck under your pillow up to 3 nights a week. Keep a journal of any dreams, feelings, intuitions and impressions that you receive. You will begin to feel very connected to your deck as you get to know it on a subconscious level.
2. Start somewhere! Some cards have a lot going on in their meaning and imagery, it can sometimes be overwhelming! My advice is to pick one element of the card to begin talking about. I usually start with the intuitive meaning of colour. Which colours feature on the cards? What do those colours mean to you? Write some answers and ideas in your journal.
3. Is there an Angel, person or animal featured on the card? Go into a meditation and visualize meeting the person, Angel or character on the card. What do they say to you? What is their personality like? How do you feel in their company? Write down any impressions in your journal.
4. Trust Yourself! You are profoundly clairvoyant and your consciousness cannot be separated from the Universal consciousness where all knowledge and understanding exists…work it!
5. Ask the right questions. If the information coming from the cards seems a bit disjointed or confused, put your hand on your heart and ask in your consciousness: ‘What does this mean?’, ‘I need greater clarity on this matter, please.’ ,Why is this information jumbled and confused?’ And trust the answer.

I hope those tips help you in your card readings, please do let me know how your readings are coming along in the comment box below. Have you notice a difference since implementing these tips?

I am often asked which cards I recommend. There are many, many beautiful and excellent decks of cards out there. The best way to choose a deck is to pick one that speaks to you. Pick a deck that makes you feel inspired when you look at it. Over the years, the cards that you use will change as your vibration changes and your areas of interest change. That’s a good thing: I have retired many decks of cards that have worked themselves to a pulp for me! So here are my recommendations:

Angel Cards

These are the Angel Cards that I use. I love each of them and highly recommend these decks for beginners to advanced readers. FYI, I learned with Angela McGerr’s ‘Harmony Angel Cards.’

I learned to read Angel Cards with these, they are beautiful and powerful.

I learned to read Angel Cards with these, they are beautiful and powerful.

This is one of the cards from Harmony Angel Cards.

This is one of the cards from Harmony Angel Cards.

Archangel Michael Oracle Cards. Each card features a beautiful prayer.

Archangel Michael Oracle Cards. Each card features a beautiful prayer.

Dr. Doreen Virtue gave me these cards when I studied with her in California in 2008.

Dr. Doreen Virtue gave me these cards when I studied with her in California in 2008.

These are the Angel Cards I currently use. I love the bright colours and Universal theme.

These are the Angel Cards I currently use. I love the bright colours and Universal theme.

Oracle Cards

Ciro Marchetti’s ‘Oracle of Visions’ are beautiful, vivid and expressive. Each card is a work of art, they really speak to me.

I love this oracle deck. Ciro's artwork is infused with some wonderful energy!

I love this oracle deck. Ciro’s artwork is infused with wonderful energy!

Playing Cards

Did you know that you can conduct psychic readings from playing cards? Playing cards have their roots in the tarot. I have had two very effective readings from playing cards.

Playing cards are a pared-down version of the tarot. Playing cards are a valid tool for intuitive readings.

Playing cards are a pared-down version of the tarot. Playing cards are a valid tool for intuitive readings.

Tarot Cards

Ciro Marchetti is my hero! If you come to me for a reading, the Tarot of Dreams is the deck I will use for you, they are magickal.

These tarot cards are wonderful. They are so colourful, expressive and they really speak to me when I use them in readings.

These tarot cards are wonderful. They are so colourful, expressive and they really speak to me when I use them in readings.

Until next week: Practice getting to know your cards. Meditate with them and think of them as an extension of your intuition. Which cards do you use? I’d love to read your recommendations in the comment box below.

Next Week: D is for ‘Divination’.

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B is for ‘Belief’: A Quick Guide to Vanquishing Your Limiting Beliefs.

We have all experienced the debilitating force of limiting beliefs, the most damaging of all being: ‘I can’t…’.

I hold an uncommon view about how the relationship between belief and knowledge comes to shape reality.  According to what I know spiritually, the belief/knowledge interaction is co-creative and co-dependent. Our beliefs are just as important as conceptual knowledge, and each informs the other.  Our reality is constructed from a dense and complicated web of beliefs and knowledge. Beliefs are powerful because they inform our words and actions, this is particularly so of the beliefs we hold about ourselves. We can harness the power of belief to create wonderful opportunities in our lives, but in order to do so, we have to learn to vanquish the beliefs that we hold that limit us. The following points are some things to consider when choosing what to believe…

Belief and knowledge are not separate things:

Without belief, knowledge would not exist. Everything that we know began somewhere, sometime, as a belief, a hunch, an abstract idea floating on the ether. Belief is the acorn from which the Oak of knowledge grows. oak tree

Albert Einstein famously said, ‘There is no logical way to the discovery of elemental laws. There is only the way of intuition, which is helped by a feeling of the order lying behind the appearance.’- Thank you Albie, they don’t call you Einstein for nothing! In order for a scientist to discover knowledge, the direction of study must be influenced by something.  The scientist must believe that their study is heading off in the right direction, so his/her intuitive belief is the foundation for whatever knowledge is discovered. See what else I have to say about scientists in this post.

‘I believe that the Earth revolves around the Sun.’  This belief fuelled study, expermentation and, importantly, determination, to find what can be known about the Sun and the Earth.  Without belief, without the sense that something will be proved, there is no direction or momentum towards knowledge. Considering this, it seems to me that the power of belief should get a little more respect than it does.  Einstein knew that beliefs are what propel us towards knowledge.  Without belief, we could prove or demonstrate no knowledge- we wouldn’t know where to start.  Think about it.  Most of the information that we consider to be true knowledge started off as a hunch, a belief, an intuition in the mind of a scientist, philosopher or mathematician.

Belief is as ‘real’ as knowledge:

Allegedly, the thing that makes knowledge better than belief is it’s relationship to truth.  When we have knowledge about something, when it is ‘known’ then it has to be true.  I disagree with this on most, but not all, distinctions between belief and knowledge- and my beef is with truth.

What is truth? Say, you and I are both looking at a colour. I say it’s green, you say it’s blue. Who is telling the truth? The colour cannot be both green and blue, but surely it is either green or blue.  Someone has to be wrong- or the concept of truth is wrong. If I see green from my subjective perspective then that is 100% true to me. If you see blue, that is 100% true to you, based on a lifetime of empirical information gathered from seeing that colour and others.  So with the exception of a priori truths (check me out, getting my philosophy lingo on!) it seems like the concept of truth necessary to engender knowledge actually looks suspiciously like a belief. I am not suggesting that knowledge is not true. I am suggesting that under some circumstances, beliefs deserve as much of a truth-bearing status as knowledge.

What can we really say is 'true' about this image?

What can we really say is ‘true’ about this image?

Belief and knowledge are equally real in that they both shape our reality. What we believe informs our conversations, actions, reactions, passions, emotions etc. What we believe shapes every part of how we act in our lives and that action occurs in reality. Belief and knowledge are synergetic- what we believe becomes what we do becomes what we know becomes what we believe and so on.  Albert Einstein said that, ‘The only source of knowledge is experience.’…and the experiences we have are caused by our beliefs.

We ought to monitor our beliefs and ask ‘why do I believe this?’:

Your beliefs hold the key to your actions, interactions and transactions. Making the effort to understand, edit, reflect upon and choose what to believe will change your life.  This is especially true with regards to your beliefs about yourself. The insignificance currently attributed to beliefs (especially in the realms of science and philosophy) allows them to sneak in the back door of our consciousness without us noticing. Beliefs take hold in our consciousness and begin to colour the way we understand ourselves and our life experience, often without us realizing that it’s going on!

Who gave you the beliefs you hold? Have you questioned them and thought them through? When you really consider it, how much do your beliefs about yourself shape the way you act in the world? Are you happy with that? Could you believe something different about yourself that would influence and cause a better life experience for you? For more on ‘what you believe is what you receive’ see this post.

I am very interested to read your thoughts about beliefs. Have you ever believed something and then radically changed

Your beliefs shape your reality.

Your beliefs shape your reality.

your mind? Do you feel like your beliefs are fluid or fixed? What do you believe about yourself right now? Do you notice any difference between what you believe and what you know, when it comes to the shaping and formation of your life?

Until next time, I want you to stand toe-to-toe with a limiting belief that you hold about yourself. See it in your mind and visualize it vaporizing. For one week (and forever!) replace that belief with a positive, loving and empowering belief about yourself and see what happens to your life. Then try and tell me that belief is less true and less important than knowledge!

Have a great week, and keep knowing what you believe and believing what you know!

I welcome your comments and questions!

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Next Week: B is for Books.

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A is for ‘Angels’: Have You Experienced Angelic Communication?

The loving presence of the Angels is all around us. Since I was a child I have felt comforted by their unseen presence; the feeling that even when I was alone, I was never truly alone. I became aware that the feeling I was experiencing was the resonance of the Angels when I was 13 or 14 years old.

Seven years would pass before I saw an Angel.

The first time I saw an Angel was a life changing experience for me.  I was 22 years old and I was a mess – probably at the lowest ebb of my life.  I had struggled to get used to living an adult life and I was making a lot of unwise choices.  I had come through an abusive relationship in my late teens and was still suffering.  I had come dangerously close to harming myself through partying, drinking and dabbling in drugs.  I was working two jobs, both of which wanted more and more of me day by day, and I had moved house several times in my young adult life.  I had suffered through meningitis the previous year and I was drained.  Despite all this, a part of me continued to grow spiritually.  I was conducting spiritual and Angel readings, workshops and demonstrations 5 or 6 nights a week which I loved as I felt fulfilled and happy when helping others in this way, teaching them about Angels.  I felt that my ‘earth self’ who partied hard and worked hard and wanted more, and my ‘spiritual self’ who loved everyone and talked with Angels, were two different girls- I was fragmented and confused.  I didn’t understand at the time that my need to fill my personal life with a constant buzz: money, relationships, excitement and things and people I could get addicted to was my ego’s way of trying to get me ‘high’ spiritually outside of my self-designated spiritual work. (With thanks to Doreen Virtue PhD for our chat in which she helped me to grasp this).  My ego was trying to recreate the happiness I felt specifically when I was doing spiritual work, in my daily life, through what I now know are damaging, unfulfilling and temporary highs.

It was at this time that this confused and polarized young woman was saved by an Angel.

My mum, who is also a spiritual teacher (you can find out all about her here) and I had been invited to teach a workshop on Angel Therapy at a spiritual and holistic fair near our hometown.  There were other speakers attending who all had their own spiritual gifts and experiences to share.  The fair was quiet, with not many attendees, which meant that my Mum and I didn’t do many readings, but, being positive thinkers, we saw that as a blessing, as an opportunity to see some of the other speakers before our workshop.  On the program of speakers, I felt drawn to one name in particular: ‘Punit Yaatri’- BrainHeartMusic.  So at 1pm Mum and I went along to Punit’s talk and demonstration, unsure what to expect and ready to be enlightened.  There were several other people there, and we joined the seated circle.  Punit told us that we were going to listen to a piece of music and he asked us to close our eyes.  As soon as the beautiful music started I had the overwhelming urge to take a very deep breath and exhale.  As I did, I began to slip under into a meditative state.  I could still hear my ego mind whirring away: processing and panicking about all my problems, but somewhere else within me, or maybe around me, I began to feel enveloped in what I can only describe as the real-truth-love-energy.  I felt someone begin approach me from behind me, at my right shoulder.  I knew within that this ‘someone’ was an entity who had nothing but love for me.  I felt a hand on my shoulder.  It was the most sincere and Imageloving touch, so much so that every bit of fear that I had stored up inside myself just evacuated.  Then the being, to whom the hand on my shoulder belonged, bent down (for he was very tall) and said in my ear, with a voice in tones that could only be Angelic, ‘It’s ok, friend.  We are here for you.  We know.’ and I began to cry.  I cried for all the the damage I had caused myself.  I cried because I had been cruel and unloving to myself.  I cried because I knew then that the Angels had seen it all: my struggles, my mistakes, my longing to be fulfilled and all the wrong roads I’d taken to get there.  The Angels had never left my side, not for a moment.  And there was no judgment.  Only love.  As the Angel began to move away, I caught a glimpse of him.  He was very tall and made of a fabric that was both substance and light.  He was not separated from the world, my mind or me, his light body was a part of all of it, and all of it was a part of him.

As the tears began to subside and the music came to an end, I began to be aware of the room around me, for in this experience, there had been no room, I was miles away into the Universal Consciousness.  When I opened my eyes I felt completely different.  I felt brave.  I felt empowered where I had previously felt extremely lost and troubled.  I saw how easily I could change, where previously I had felt trapped.  It was a miracle – it was an Angel.

Punit and I have been friends now for many years.  I believe that his music truly does resonate on the same vibration as the Angels, and it was through that beautiful vibration that I was able to finally meet the Angel who had been working quietly, patiently and lovingly with me the whole time.  So Punit, if you’re reading this, thank you my friend, you truly are a vessel for the music of the Universal Love. (You can hear the track called ‘Home’ from the album ‘S.T.A.R’ that facilitated my experience, and find out all about Punit and BrainHeartMusic here).

So Angels are pretty awesome right?  Of course they are with you when you say, ‘thank you Angels…’ or ‘please help me Angels…’ but please know that you Angels walk beside you and amongst you at times when you’re busy doing other stuff too, when you’re not even thinking about them.

So now I am going to make a very humble and much too brief attempt at explaining to you ‘who’ and ‘what’ Angels are.  I’m also going to give you some tips on how to invite your Angels to make their presence known in your life, and how you can connect with the Angels that are guiding you right now.

When I speak about the Angels, I use words such as ‘energy’, ‘resonance’ and ‘vibration’.  That is because these are words that also describe light, and it is my belief that Angels are literally made of light plus love plus consciousness.  So, just as the spectrum of light moves from before ultra violet to after infrared, so each Angel resonates and exists on the light frequency that matches their energetic composition.  The way the Angels have explained it to me is this:

God is a bright, pure white light.  Love is the prism through which the light is directed.  The Angels are the different prism_t_32kcolours of the spectrum (both seen and unseen) that are produced as a result.

So, what happens when you ask your Angels for help is that your ask also has a ‘frequency’ which matches the resonance of an Angel on the spectrum, thus, the Angel who best matches your need is drawn to you with their light.  It is their light that they bestow upon you, infused with their love, that helps and heals you.  This creates a natural hierarchy in the Angelic realm, not dictated by one being more or less powerful than another, but organised through the Angel’s ability to heal based on their light resonance.

The Angels have explained this hierarchy to me, which begins at the centre of the visible spectrum of light (at yellow) and works outwards in both directions, if you can imagine.  Here is the hierarchy:

Our loved ones in Spirit:  When we pass away, we can choose to remain ‘light bodies’, assisting planet earth, all her inhabitants, and our loved ones who are still on their journey through the earth life.  Love is what makes this possible.  This is the reason that mediumship in its many forms, healing, and spirit phenomena occur.  Animals’ light bodies also exist here.  Human spirit people who choose to remain in an Angelic role are at the bottom of the Angelic hierarchy, simply because they have lived earthly human lives.

Your Guardian Angels/Spirit Guides:  These are people whose souls have advanced to such an extent that they vibrate on an Angelic resonance.  The dimension they work from is not ours but they can link to us through love and often speak to us and guide us through our intuition or ‘gut feelings’.

The Archangels: There are Archangels that resonate on every light frequency.  Archangel Michael is blue, Archangel Gabriel is violet, Archangel Raphael is green, Archangel Raziel is yellow, Archangel Jophiel is pink, Archangel Chamuel is orange and so forth.  Each colour resonates with a different aspect of human experience, so when you are in need, the corresponding Archangel to the colour of that ‘need’ directs their energy towards lovingly healing your experience.  Archangels, being made of light, are everywhere at once.  They are immesurably powerful and they really want to help you.  All you have to do is ask.

Spirit/God/The Universe: The source from which all things flow and from which all things are created.  The pinnacle of the hierarchy.  The White Light.

We can interact will all levels of the Angelic hierarchy.  All love us, all want to be of assistance.  So to experience the Angels in your life, all you have to do is make them a part of your life.  Ask them and thank them for their help.  Meditate on their love and their light.  Write to them in a journal.  Ask them for evidence.  Consult them when making decisions.  Get to know them.  Take their advice which often speaks through your intuition.  Let yourself be loved by them and demonstrate that by loving yourself.  Pray.  Laugh and say ‘thank you’ when they give you an amazing sign that they are listening. Image Work on allowing them to walk with you.  Be strong in your beliefs and if your ego isn’t co-operating, just ask the Angels to help you quiet your ego. Read about them (I recommend Doreen Virtue and Kyle Gray’s ‘Angel Whisperer’).  Learn about them.  Wear your favourite colour and know that in doing so, you are asking an Angel to guide you.  Let them be there for you, not just when you are up, but when you are down.  When you are at a dark and low ebb (hey, it happens!).  If you are in a dark place, that is when their light will really shine for you, as it did for me.

Thank you for allowing me to share my Angelic experiences with you.  There is so much more I could say about the Angels, so many more stories I could tell.  Perhaps I will in a later post.  I would love to hear about some of the experiences you have had with Angels. Also, if you have any questions about Angels, please feel free to ask!

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Until next time.  May you always have an Angel by your side…

Next Week: B is for ‘Belief’.



A is for ‘Affirmations’: How they work and what to do when they don’t.

A is for AFFIRMATIONS: How they work and what to do when they don’t.

It was 2009-2010 and the recession was at its lowest ebb and so was I. For the first time in my adult life, I was without employment. My happiness levels and funds were as depleted as the job market, and I was unable to provide for myself financially. So I gave up my flat and moved in with my sister in an attempt to staunch my bank account’s number haemorrhage.

‘I’m never going to have enough money,’ I thought. ‘I’m never going to get a job that pays enough…there’s a recession, there are no jobs…I’m going to be in debt forever…my debts keep piling up’.

These were my affirmations and I practised them religiously. Day after day, these were the promises I was making to myself. I worried about money all the time, I talked about having no money all the time, and I convinced myself that my situation was never going to change. I was convinced that I was being judged as a failure, but really, no-one was judging me except myself.

I came to believe passionately in poverty, and with every day that I was without a job I thought: See, this is proof that I’m always going to be poor.  I didn’t realize at the time that my own limiting beliefs were making a challenging situation much, much worse. I was unable to see that I was lucky to have a sister who’d let me stay with her, and that I was getting to spend more time with my family. I couldn’t see it. I believed only in the ‘bad’ elements of my situation, and I received what I believed.

This went on for months, and my cycle of negativity had evolved into a downward spiral. Despite my negativity, I secretly held on to the hope that I’d be happy again. One day, this hopeful thought managed to force its way into my mind, like a glimmer of light, noticeable amidst the pervasive darkness. The thought that I might one day be happy again dawned on me, like the sun cracking over the horizon and dispersing an inky black night:

What if it’s my thoughts, and not the recession, that’s causing me to feel so unhappy?

When this realization dawned on me, the grip of my inner lack-narrative weakened. Previous to this, I hadn’t considered that what went on in my mind could affect the outside world. But as soon as I made the connection that my negative thinking was causing me to pick out only the events that would justify my beliefs, it resonated through me with the sort of chime achievable only by truth. I knew that for my financial situation to improve, I had to stop thinking so negatively about it.

A few days after I made this new promise to myself, I was visiting a friend in Edinburgh. As I left the train station, I noticed a bright white piece of paper loosely lodged in a crack in the pavement. It fluttered back and forth in the wind, as if it was waving to me.  The street was busy, and yet no one had noticed it.  As I got a few steps closer, I couldn’t believe my eyes: the piece of paper waving at me was a £20 note!

I picked it up and laughed.  It was more than a £20 note, it was a symbol of change.  ‘Thank you’, I thought.


An affirmation is a proposition that you think or say repetitively because you believe it to be true, however it is actually the repetition of the thought or statement that convinces your mind that it is  true. The process that you go through to convince yourself of the truth of a given statement is unbiased, it works the same whether the content of the proposition is positive or negative.

We are making affirmations all the time. Your life is the sum total of the beliefs you affirm. And you hold those beliefs because, in repeating them, you have assimilated them into your consciousness. Your consciousness adapts to comfortably hold the beliefs that seem true to you. The fact that you are reading this post probably means that you have spontaneously made many negative affirmations about yourself over the years. It has taken you a long, long time to believe what you do. So when you realize that you no longer identify with the beliefs you hold about yourself, it can take time and effort to change. What would you rather think about yourself and your life? Give those beliefs the same repetition that you gave the beliefs that you don’t want, and you will harness the power of the belief–>justification–> belief cycle. Having said that, it can be very difficult to change your beliefs because some beliefs are not under your conscious control. The mind is a miraculously complex entity that can hide nuggets of belief in your subconscious or in half-forgotten memories. For more on this, see my post B is for ‘Belief’. Sometimes, positive affirmations don’t work because the new affirmation comes into conflict with a deeply entrenched belief. When we try to affirm something that is opposed to a deep-seated, subconscious belief, the ‘superficial’ affirmation is not strong enough to change one of our core values, even if, consciously, we really want to change. And when it doesn’t work, we beat ourselves up even more because we failed to change, gave up, or lost the will to do our affirmations, and so the spiral of negative affirmations begins again. If this sounds familiar, try this:

To access the negative core belief and bring it to your conscious mind, ask the belief questions. Interrogate your negative belief. Listen to it and understand it. For example, say you constantly affirm that you are unloved and unwanted. On a conscious level, you know that this belief is crippling you. So you choose a new thought: I am desired and loved. You say it over and over, you write it out and stick it to your fridge, and the magic words are your laptop wallpaper. You work with the new affirmation for a few months and yet, you feel very little difference, and any difference you do feel is undermined by a voice within that chases the affirmation with a ‘yeah right, who could ever love you?’ You don’t really believe this crap do you?’ And you’re right back to square one. This will happen to many people who want to use the power of affirmations to change their outlook. Don’t beat yourself up if it happens to you. When you have a quiet moment, write down the negative affirmation that is deeply true to you. Take a few deep breaths and meditate on questioning the belief. Some good questions are:

Why do I hold this belief?

Is there a specific event that was the initial trigger for this belief?

Are there examples of times when this belief was true, when I felt unloved and unwanted?

Are there examples when the opposite was true, when I felt very loved and desirable? What did that feel like?

What does it mean to me to be ‘loved’ and ‘desired’?

Is there a way that I could love and care for myself more to help this new belief become true?

By questioning your belief, you change your relationship to it, and in so doing, you unsettle its ‘true’ and ‘logical’ place in your belief system, thereby making room for new beliefs. This method takes time and effort as you are trying to rewire your mind without the instruction manual! But keep with it, you’ll extinguish, or at least manage it, eventually and when you do, you will benefit so much from a more positive and empowering set of truths.

Some affirmations are easier to believe than others because we believe that some things are more accessible to us than others.  You may feel that a new car is much more accessible to you than true self-love.  It is only the fact that you believe that that makes it so (inception, anyone?) The only scale of difficulty in embodying positive beliefs is dictated by our beliefs about difficulty of attainment.

Here are some ‘positive affirmation’ ideas to get you started…

‘I’m sick of being fat, my cellulite is ruining my life!’


‘I love my body.  My body is trim, beautiful and radiates with health.’

‘I’m never going to find love, why do guys always treat me like crap!?’


‘I love myself.  I am loving, loved and loveable.’

‘*sigh* I hate my job, no one appreciates me.  I know I’m being underpaid.’


‘I am inspired by my job. My efforts are rewarded and I am well paid.’

‘Why I am always skint? I hate having no money to enjoy life.’


‘I earn ______enter amount here (I suggest £100,000, or why not a cool million?)_____ per year and I love my life!’

I would be so happy to read your positive affirmations. Leave me a comment by clicking on the bubble at the top right of this post.

Thank you for reading!  Until next week, enjoy exploring the You-niverse!

Next week: ‘A is for Angels’.